Proxi is a new simulation game from the Sims, Sim City and Spore creator Will Wright.   Will’s co-founder is Lauren Elliott, creator of the Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego game series. 

      Will and Lauren have known each other since Will’s first game Raid on Bungeling Bay. This is their first collaboration.


      Proxi is a personal AI built out of the player's memories, using them as the building blocks for a 3D world.

      As Sim City created a simulation of a city, Proxi models the brain, storing memories as the brain does - as thousands and thousands of interconnected concepts.


      Gallium Artists is a startup in Berkeley California.  The team members include well known gamers and engineers Zecmo, and Alex Sink, neuroscientist Cindee Madison, award-winning 3D artist Rebecca Harrison and ‘Inside Out story board artist Matt Jones.  Project manager Marie Hepfer and NLP student and intern Bayan Mashat fill out the team. 

      Creative contributors include writer Michael Carychao and board game designers Hakan Seyaliouglu and Kathryn Hymes from Thorny Games.


      The advisory board is a well known group:  Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley, Apple legend Andy Herzfeld, neuroscientist and fellow at the Alan Turing Institute Kirstie Whitaker, Eugenia Kuyda, founder of Replica, and business advisor Steven Goldin.

Will Wright hosts a Masterclass

where he discusses his design philosophy:

      "This is in some sense a game of self-discovery, a game where we actually uncover the hidden you - your subconscious, your inner ID, and bring it to the surface, bring it to life so you can interact with it, you can play with it, you can learn from it and it can learn about you."
-Will Wright
Proxi AI Game by Will Wright creator of The Sims' new Twitter Page. Produced by Gallium Artists.
Proxi AI Game by Will Wright creator of The Sims' new Company: Gallium Artists
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